The surge rose far above the number of similar

“No question, Trump extracted dishonest millions from the presidency,” Frum acknowledges. But his schemes were often small time hustles, such as Vice President Pence’s stay at Trump’s golf resort in Ireland, or the doubling of admission fees at Mar a Lago, or all those foreign officials crashing at Trump International in Washington. “He convicted himself in the eyes of the public as the most corrupt American president in history, all for less money than Michelle Obama earned from her book and speaking fees,” Frum smirks.Far more consequential is the moral damage Trump has inflicted on America’s global power and domestic politics.

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Scenes of misery are one of the few things in abundance in the battered coastal enclave. Reconstruction of the tens of thousands of homes damaged and destroyed in the hostilities will take decades to rebuild. Gaza’s economy is in deep recession without billions of dollars in aid Gaza could unravel.

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Their freshman year at college began with President Donald Trump election; their senior year ended with a paralyzing global health crisis. Stepped into the world as it was starting to fall apart, says Simone Williams, who graduated from Florida A University in an online commencement May 9. And the Class of 2020 generation was already disaffected.

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